MHS Class Reunion

I had a great time seeing classmates of Milton High School. Even though the “Class of ’89′” graduate the same year I did in Janesville Craig High School, I was able to see classmates of Milton I have personally not seen since I moved to Janesville. The reunion was nice, the conversations were fantastic, and the food tasted great. With that has been happening this weekend, grieving the loss of two friends who were killed in a car accident Thursday and finding the news yesterday, the pre-reunion party last night, and the class reunion tonight, I have to say that having mixed feelings is a blessing in disguise today. I had a great time and I plan to be at the next class reunion in five years depending on where and what I am up to.

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  1. kaliko88 says:

    It is understandable that you’re feeling tossed about emotionally. I hope the funeral brings you together with other friends and family who cared about them as much as you do, and that you comfort each other.


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