My dear friend DC and his friend RS were killed in a car accident Thursday. DC’s visitation was today and I went. I have never been to a visitation on Sunday as long as I could remember but now I can say I have. Getting there was easy and where the visitation was, the place was beautiful and flooding and glowing with many pictures of DC’s life growing up to his 45 years of age before he died Thursday. Seeing the pictures and his favorite shirts made me tear but having everything possible at the visitation was awesome. I was there for an hour or so with a couple of other people from the Independent Disabilities Services who also went. During that hour before I left for the evening, I had seen many people inside, but it did not compare to the people who were outside. The line was so long that the mourners of DC’s was very long!! It was beautiful and amazing. DC was a very social man and I could not see anyone ever not liking DC at all. He was a very well-liked man. I loved DC very much and was glad to have such a man like DC in my world, my life, my space, sharing my time. Now knowing DC is gone physically, I really miss him very badly and the feeling of loss does not seem to disappear … not yet. Today is my day to say good bye and if I can, I am going to DC’s funeral tomorrow as well. Saying good bye is one thing I am having difficulty doing right now. Now I have only visions of him in my memory of times we shared and that is flooding my mind big time right now. I will be okay, though.

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