DC’s Funeral

I was able to get to DC’s funeral. It was very beautiful and nice, and definitely special. Tears were shed, laughter was all over the room, and the pastor of the church gave a very beautiful eulogy in memory of DC. DC’s brother D gave a wonderful spill of his memories of DC while DC was growing up. DC’s sister, K had her thoughts read to the mourners and her thoughts were just as beautiful. DC was a serious man in his time but when it came to the time of being playful, loving, caring, and funny, there was no doubt that DC was going to be a part of it. I have memories of DC as well but they are closed right now … pushed back far in my mind and have yet not been replayed. I am at this time…keeping those memories closed for the time being and I am doing my best at letting those memories flow so I can get past the fact that I lost a dear friend in an accident. DC’s funeral was beautiful and meaningful for those who were there and who meant a lot to DC. It is scary sometimes … very scary at times I can not explain. Why am I having difficulty letting Doug go?! Am I angry that he died?

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