For DC and RS

RS and DC died yesterday and for both of them I am going to go on with my life the best I can this day forward. Both RS and DC were friends of mine who were killed in a car accident yesterday afternoon. DC, the man I dated for a while, would want me to enjoy life to its fullest in memory of him and not sit at home slumbering or slumped in a crumpled heap of mass in tears because they are no longer with us. Yes, I had bad news this morning, and yes, DC and RS are going to be greatly missed and memories of them both will be flooding in and out of my mind at times I will least not expect it – like their deaths were unexpected and tragic. DC and I have had some wonderful memories of one another and when we departed and became real good friends, I do have to admit that our friendship was the greatest I have ever known while DC was alive. I have known RS for a long time as well because he was once married to another friend of mine which later were divorced. It has been only a while now since I have known about their deaths now but I have to admit that I am in a state of shock and unsure of what is going to happen and what is to be expected. I feel lost in a whirlwind of happenings. I will be okay.

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