Good Night

As it turned out, it has only rained here so far. I am still online but intend on getting off here shortly to watch a little bit of television and probably read. I did have to turn off the television for awhile a bit ago because the noise of the television was driving me crazy. It is very quiet at home right now and the quietness is so very welcome. Darkness has fallen now since it is evening and so I will be logging off here shortly for the night and going to bed whenever I am tired – which I am not at the moment. I drank a Mountain Dew and a Pepsi earlier so now I have a huge caffeine high right now, lol. I accidentally got a Mountain Dew this afternoon because I pushed the wrong button when I really wanted two Pepsi colas. LOL…that has happened to me before as well. Good night and God bless.

Author: ksmiley

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