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If the weather is exactly like how I feel right now, then I believe that the day is just perfect. It may be rainy and yucky outdoors again today and I have a headache and joint pain, no complaints here. Despite the bad weather, all seems to be just fine in my mind now. Bing and I slept well last night once I had fallen asleep. I had first awakened at 6 a.m. feeling awake but did go back to bed to lay down a while awaking at 9 a.m. ready to go for my day. No sleeping in this morning like I did yesterday. I believe, with the weather being what it is now, I have slept all I could to catch up on lost sleep from the past couple of weeks from being so busy with school and other personal activities. Right now, to match my mood, I am watching Tales From the Darkside marathon on Syfy today. My mood is darkened a bit today — ending my week of being a woman – a weakling. Many tears have spilled over the weekend. The only time I have laughed this weekend was on — really a weekday — Monday when memories of DC was being shared during a special moment at DC’s funeral. I have found myself in a state of wanting to be alone and not alone at the same time again which finds me in the recovering mode from all that has happened this weekend. I am, once again looking forward to the weekend coming…yay! I am coming back to reality of the world once again. I am going forward with my life as DC would want me to…FINALLY!

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