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Today had awakened early — no sleeping in… YAY! Today was a fairly quiet day for me. Been watching movies all day long on LMN. I am watching one of my favorite actresses Alexz Johnson from television programs on Disney and Noggin. The movies I have watched today is “Devil’s Diary and “Stranger With My Face”. Spooky movies to some degree. Good movies, though. I love spooky movies once in a while but not everyday — thankfully. Anyway… I took the day and considered it a movie day all day long and I have enjoyed it. Took a nap, a quick on to rejuvenate myself from sleep I did not get the other night. I am just getting very tired of the rainy weather we have been having for a few days now. I hope, from the weather update, we are expecting a mostly sunny day tomorrow. Maybe now I can get some happiness in myself once again that will rejuvenate my system once again. Days without sun really gets to me from time to time. I am not my happy, go lucky self then. It is amazingly strange but very true. I am excited to have the sun back. I hate cloudy days especially when it is excessive and too many days in one week. It does get a little depressing and I am a little down right now. School will resume on Tuesday for me and that will be six weeks of hard studies once again. I believe this past week has been a wonderful vacation but I believe boredom has been here and there through my days but I do have to admit that I have enjoyed the relaxation and break. Otherwise I am okay. I think so anyway.

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