My Sunday

My Sunday consisted of relaxation, watching television, and being on the computer all day long. I am so addicted to Farm Town, Farkle, and Farmville it is not even funny when it comes to Facebok. Bing is good and taking a nap right now in the glider rocking chair while I am sitting here in my recliner with my feet up on the desk chair because once again the recliner is acting up. Watched Law & Order: SVU and part of Disturbia after watching Vacancy, which was too disturbing for my taste actually. I have seen gore in movies before but not like that in a while at this late hour because of nightmares and bad dreams that seem to follow, lol. Knock on wood that I have been okay. Anyway, it is past my bedtime and tomorrow being Labor Day I have plans to be with friends for a picnic and I am exciting about going. I ami heading to bed for the night now. Everyone sleep well!

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  1. Nice relaxing Sundays are good to have once in a while I need to find some relax time after I get all my wood done today, I also don’t care for gory movies I prefer science fiction, have a great day at the picnic and enjoy your labor day


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