JT is no longer a friend

Remember when I had written that JT pissed me off on September 10th? Well, I still will not speak to her and today I have asked her kindly to please not call and I won’t answer the phone. She calls me anyway. I had talked to the manager and she told me what to do and so I did. We shall see how much gets through to JT after the manager talks to her. I will not put up with JT’s fantasy world anymore or the fact that she has been dating a registered sex offender and brags about her damn sex life every chance she gets. Come to find out today while talking to another tenant, JT has really pissed a lot of us off because of her stupidity and craziness of needing sex and having a man in her life … she does not realize that she does not have to have a man in her life to be happy. What makes it worse is that a registered sex offender comes and goes in this place.

II am done with JT for good now.

Author: ksmiley

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