Feeling Pissed Right Now

When I had written in my journal yesterday that JT is no longer a friend, I really meant it, and as of today, there is no more relationship between JT and I any longer. She did not get the message in her thick skull that when I told her to “plz not call. I will not answer the phone” she still called me 3 times. She did not listen and I talked to someone about what should I do and I did want I was told to do … turned her in and the manager of the building will talk to her. I had to do it in order to get something across to JT since she rarely listens as if nothing penetrates her brain in her fantasy world. What makes it even worse is that JT knows why I am pissed at her and she had to ask that question “y?” As if… JT does not live in the real world and I do. I have a life to live like everyone else in this world. I believe that no one wants her living here anymore. I surely don’t. Does she really belong here? I have no idea … anyway, no more JT. YAY!

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