My Tuesday

Once again I did not sleep very well last night – only had two hours of sleep. Will be going to bed here in a few minutes after I write here even though it is 9:09 p.m. here in Wisconsin. I planned on taking a nap today but it never happened so bed is going to be shortly — in a few minutes anyway.

LB Came Today
My LSW came by today and we got some serious cleaning done today in an hour to 45 minutes. She was here before 8:30 a.m. and was gone by 9:05 a.m.. Before she came a phone call came in and the person was rude and unprofessional. I got really pissed off. When LB got here I had told her that I was pissed off and to let me calm down before she said anything and she listened to me. After she left, my shower gal got here.

My Shower Gal, WW
LB left and I had a few minutes to get something done on the computer in the living room. I had a long, relaxing shower and a massage, my bed sheets changed, and a few minutes to spare before WW left to chat with her.

After Company Left
I did not do much of anything today all day long after my LSW and shower gal left for the day. Even though I did not do much of anything, I still went to school online, watched television, and took some time to be on Facebook. I am addicted to Facebook that’s for sure. LOL I did have a fairly good afternoon.

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