My New Place

With everything moved now and my apartment is entirely mine now since my friends left for the weekend, I am feeling okay about the move — something that needed to be done and … now I have the apartment all to myself. What my friends did for me was real big of them and I am glad the move is finally over. However, I feel, unfortunately, that the move took a lot out of me emotionally and physically that I had a couple of nervous breakdowns during the move — along with the fact that I contracted another UTI in the process somewhere along the way. Do I feel alone with company now gone home? No. My friends made the move a transition more tolerable than I expected even though the breakdowns I had caused a little grief for me and my friends for a while – a few minutes to a couple of hours. Thank goodness the move is over now. Now I have to clean my now former apartment on the 3rd floor, and I intend to not set foot on the 3rd floor unless I really have to. Trouble still lives up there – directly 2 floors above me now but oh well. I love my new place very much. Now, maybe but not sure yet, that I can begin to love this place — this building again. I am safer down on the 1st floor.

Well – it is very late and bedtime should be now anyway; It is past midnight now.

Good night.

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