My Saturday

Okay … slept well last night … with company gone home now … and I have the place to myself now. I do have to admit that my world has been uprooted to a point but I will be planted once again shortly. anyway, my day was a good one — not a busy one though. Taking some time away from school until November 17th or so, I am taking the time to get situated in my new place, do some reading for my next class, and finding my new found world a better place in the long run. I am thinking that tonight will be another good night for sleep but I am not sure at the moment. It looks like another late night for me. For the most part anyway, I am dealing with, yet another, UTI, but I am being treated for it. I am beginning to feel human once again after this entire week happening so darn fast. Anyway, today was a very good day for the most part. Had dinner in the community room this afternoon with other tenants because two other tenants and the management put together a Harvest dinner this afternoon for all of us tenants for $3 a piece. The dinner was for tenants only. Ate dinner and then left before desert was served and came back to my apartment to relax and watch television spending the rest of the afternoon and evening home with Bing and having “me time”. Tomorrow is another day of unsure incidents. Hopefully I will go up and clean my former apartment. YIKES! I will be okay, though. I got this far in my life and world. It is going to be a late night once again but oh well.

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