My Halloween Night @ Home

I didn’t do anything for Halloween night at all except relax and enjoy myself @ home for the evening,. Remembering what Halloween was like as a child growing up, Halloween is no. longer celebrated in my household for two reasons:

1. Where I live no kids come knocking at doors because Teamster Manor is a security locked building, and
2. Halloween no longer is an interest of mine like it was years ago now that I am an adult but I do enjoy seeing other people dress up in costumes to show their interest.

Anyway, Halloween is the day and night of the dead and I am one person who believes in life but not the walking dead. I did, even so, watch some movies that deal with Halloween all day long today and evening in hopes that no nightmares happen, lol. It was a wonderful day to stay indoors and stay warm now that the weather is cooling down and getting colder due to winter is on its way here in Wisconsin.

Tomorrow begins a new month! November is Thanksgiving month and I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this year … even Christmas in December.

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