November 1st

With November now, Thanksgiving is this month. Wow! With one month left of the year — December will come quickly enough now and then BANG! 2010 will be here!! I do not have any major plans today except attending Sunday School and church service this morning. I am on leave of class until November 17th so I am getting ready to go back to school by then and after church, I will be taking it easy for the most part of the day. I am glad Halloween day and night has ended and November is here. It has not been an easy October for the most part because of the move from one apartment to another, a health scare, and some depression and anxiety playing its ugly head. I am a busy gal these days with appointments and activities this month that I feel I have to once again slow down and breathe in and breathe out as so many people tell me to do out of love and concern. I am kind of bothered as well unwilling to leave my apartment unless I really have to. The woman in #313, two. stories above me right now, is rumored that she is moving out by December 1, 2009 is believed to be a lie by some tenants who really want her to leave and move anyway. Another rumor is that JT is pissed off because she did not get to move into #110 where I now live today because the manager and property manager have decided for me to have the apartment instead due to the need I have to have more accessibility. Anyway, JT already lives in an handicapped accessible apartment on the 3rd floor — two stories above me — unfortunately. I do not feel sorry for the woman anyway because of what type of person she really is — her true colors have come out now that we are no longer friends or speaking to one another. I personally believe that she knows that many of us do not like her and if she does truly move. she will not be missed. I know that I am not very kind in my thinking right now but I have been hurt by JT very badly in September and I finally opened my eyes to her lies, stories, and true colors of friendship, and more importantly, her bragging of her sex life with a registered sex offender. She has turned out to be the slutty type of person who is always in need of sex. Ewwww! I am NOT! My life is private and no one needs to know of one’s sexual desires anyway. In other words, what is not shared here on Dear Diary, is my own private business.

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