A New Life Has Begun in Apartment #110 Now

It’s time to get very serious here … I mean downright serious now. I am done playing games with people in Teamster Manor Apartment Complex now. I have only about four people in this building I can fully trust now and that is only 4 people — sad as there is 49 tenant apartments in here and the manager’s onsite apartment just down the hall from me around the corner from the office. I have gotten off the 3rd floor for a reason and I can — at this time — the residue of long time stress still lingers in the air in a thick mass at some point but the stress level has come down considerably since I have moved. I did not, seriously, realize the stress I was under until just a couple of weeks ago when my breathing has become less labored since the move. JT has been nothing but a little big bitch since I have been moved to #110 and I have never seen such a woman act like a child as much as she has in the past three to four weeks now. Has shown her true colors of herself since she has not been getting her way with things that she once had when she first moved into the building a year ago — when she was my friend who I thought was a true friend but learned that she is not a friend of mine anymore and forever. JT is no longer a part of my life now and she is not going to be allowed to come back into my life. She is not ever going to speak to me ever again. Let her hang herself at her new place when she moves. She is going to find out that no one is going to like her one bit at her new place except for those who fall under her spell like I once did. I do not feel sorry for JT or her daughter anymore … seriously. My life — a new one at that — has begun in Apartment #110 now and I am sticking to my new life of solitude and patience, and most important, a new world.

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