Let’s Get Serious Here!

When I said I am going to begin a new life in Apartment #110, I meant it with firmness and a serious tone. For the past three weeks, since I have moved from one apartment to another — from one floor to the other — I have been harassed, taunted, and bullied by JT who is being vindictive and mean because she did not get the apartment I have now because of a decision the manager made. JT has walked past my apartment as she has come home from some unknown place and I could really care less to be honest with you making herself known she has gone by or she has been nearby my apartment window cackling a her laugh of deceit and malice as she smoked a cigarette or talking to another tenant. Now, both times JT has known I was home because the windows were open to allow fresh air and the light in the living room has been on to show that life is inside. Another time, while my cat was in the window observing the grounds for animals such as birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits with his curiosity as a cat would, JT has made weird noises and said bad things to Bing as he watched her go past and she would do her vicious cackle of a laugh that reminds me of a witch in heat or something — or is it a bitch in heat? LOL. JT is older than me and should be acting like a grown up but for some reason she is acting like a child. I have not done anything in return to cause any trouble with her as hard as she is trying to get me to respond, but I have laughed and …… seriously cried about her actions because she is hurting no one but herself really as well as making herself look foolish. I have cried and had many sleepless nights because it does bother me internally and emotionally because my heart aches to the point of it being yanked out of my chest and stomped on because of my good hearted nature in most cases — a person who has been taken advantage of by JT and her daughter — her daughter I truly believed was a true friend until 3 weeks ago when she decided to get in the middle between of me and JT because of her mother asking her to. How awful it was to find out what type of person JT’s daughter really turned out to be. I do have a lot of resentment towards JT and her daughter right now and I have to pray about it earnestly and honestly now that being human is hard sometimes. I am not, usually, a person who deals with resentment with anyone or anything until now —- badly too. With that said, I am done! Whew!

Ever since I moved to #110, I have found my happiness of life returning slowly but surely. I am beginning to feel that TM is now a home when coming and going without a hitch or problem — the burden of coming back to the apartment building has been lifted off my shoulders. My new place is nice and I love it, and loving my place and feeling safe again is important for me — very important. My apartment is locked most of the time whether or not I am home for the day. My new place, even though the furniture is the same, is shaping up for the most part. The apartment is more accessible for me and I love it. No more bathtub but a walk in shower that is spacious and different. Otherwise the setup is the same — a different location and a little larger looking — handicapped accessible for wheelchair access. The bedroom seems to show the apartment entry door more than apartment #308 did and that is something I have yet to get used to — the idea of being on the 1st floor versus the 3rd floor is a little change yet to get used to. This move was very quick, furious, and happened all at once that the change has jarred my emotional and physical sense of the words in such a big way at first but I am settling down for the most part now — Bing too. He seems to understand that I shut the blinds at night without question while he waits impatiently for the blinds to be reopened in the morning when we both get up. LOL Cats will be cats I guess, LOL. Oh well. I do love my Bing Crosby cat very much. He is my pride and joy of today’s life as my world continues to evolve. I am getting more serious in my new place now. Very serious!

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