Today Was Not a Bad Day After All

Friday was a very good day for the entire day for me. No interruptions really – had one visitor for a few minutes and I had my shower today and a visiting nurse come visit me today. My blood pressure was, this morning, 118/64 and my temperature was normal. How cool is that?! I think that is awesome. I did have one person come visiting …. looking for another neighbor who was to go with this person some place and this person was not home at the time. It made my blood boil a bit because this neighbor of mine says one thing and ends up doing another thing leaving others on the sidelines waiting for her. Even after my blood began to boil a bit I then realized that I can not worry about this person anymore. She is her own person … like me … and if she wants to choose her manfriend over her friends, let it be. I just won’t let her come crying to me anymore whatsoever.

Author: ksmiley

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