100th Birthday Surprise Party

Yesterday a neighbor of mine turned 100 years old and today, scheduled for today and planned for several weeks, was a surprise birthday party for our neighbor. Everyone interested in attending arrived to the party at 1 p.m., waiting for the guest of honor who would arrive at 1:30 p.m. The apartment building’s community room was decorated special for the 100th birthday celebration. Tenants of the building and family of the guest of honor had arrived early to get ready for the surprise. Instead of yelling surprise, as the guest of honor arrived, we all sat quietly as she came into the community room and looked around and as she walked in further into the room, we all began to clap and smile as she looked around and ahead of her realizing that the room was filled with family and tenants honoring her 100th birthday. There isn’t many 100 birthdays celebrated these days. After the guest of honor arrived, more pictures were taken, chatter resumed, and people went to get food to eat. After I ate a plateful of food, I had left to be with friends who came over to help put up my Christmas tree and visit.

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