A Nap Taken and a Surprise When I Had Awakened

The past two now I have felt tired in the afternoon and … today was another one of those days a nap was needed and wanted. I had taken an hour nap awaking as night has begun to fall and the sun has left Wisconsin for the evening. When I had gotten into the living room, I had found that my DVR box had its time up and recording something I had asked the DVR box to record. I was very happy because I had television shows and movies recorded and wanted to watch — since the cable was completely down since 1 a.m. Tuesday morning to 4 p.m. today, I could not even watch the already recorded programs. No big deal. The important thing is that the electricity was working in our building for all of us who use machines like CPAP machine and all night oxygen tanks,

Author: ksmiley

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