Disap and pointment In the Air

Of all the people I have trusted in the past … there are several now I cannot trust. A disappointment had occurred in my life yesterday that now three people have been deleted and blocked from my facebook friend list and cannot see anything that is written anymore. Those three people are a disappointment and liars that it is a shame to even know these people — one person who is considered a Christian woman of the SDA faith. That is a very sad situation and I wish I could go into detail about it but I can not because of the just of it being heart wrenching and a tear jerker to even say anything about it. Disappointment is in the air now and it is looming above me with heavy rains and torrent winds. Anger has reached its ultimate high the past several hours and trusting these three people ever again is never going to happen in this world of mine. I am now walking away from total negativity and the situation I wish I could talk about, is one big negative in my life — I need a stress-free world now anyways. My heart has been broken into many pieces and this situation really took the cake and its frosting away completely and there is no sugar coating anymore. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!

Author: ksmiley

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