Today’s Plans

So far so good plans have not changed for the day here. My friend RB is here for the day until her husband gets off of work. Our friend and RB’s roommate is not here this time because she went out of town for New Years with her family in Racine, Wisconsin. I have, as selfish as it may sound, RB all to myself minus the fact that Bing Crosby is getting attention from her while she is here and that does not bother me at all. RB and I have time for ourselves and we are having Milios sub sandwiches tonight for supper which is my treat tonight after all the times she and JW came over with food to share the last three times they have been here in the past three or so weeks now. I was hungry for sub sandwiches tonight anyway. YUMMY for my tummy! I have also been online ALL day long…with RB here but I intend to get off here soon so RB can get online for a while tonight before she heads back home tonight. I will be back online later … after supper. Bye for now.

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