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I have been super duper busy the past several days and on top of that, I had gotten the flu that had wore me out to some point. Where I live many things are going on that is driving many of the tenants crazy with curiosity and plans. I have no interest in knowing what is going on myself unless something or someone is out to be harmful and nasty. Even tenants have made it tough for other tenants who do not cause and comply to the rules of the living statuses here. New and approved rules have been made to better the living situations here for all the tenants. Honestly, living where I do now has it good and not so good moments. I have seen twelve years worth of things going on and now I keep to myself for the most part. I do not do any of the fun activities much anymore because everyone has their cliques and groups to hang with and I hate the gossip that goes on around the building as well as the people who spread them. It is downright rude and stupid as if there is nothing better to do around here. It is one of those things in my head and heart that makes life not boring now-a-days.

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