Some people I know … seriously … not my friends now … have to grow up and start acting like civil adults but those people already think that they are being civil adults…NOT! That is why I am not friends with certain people in the building I live in. I am not one of those people who will not be suckered into believe things or sucked into doing wrong. I am my own person today and always. I know who my friends are, and I am speaking of the friends who are true friends of mine, I know my neighbors, and I know what goes on around me … good or bad … I am not stupid. I am not a follower but a leader. Even today, my heart aches with not understanding things and wishing that an understanding could be found, but I cannot pursue in finding answers to the millions of questions I have in my heart and mind. I am here to take care of me and me alone … including my cat Bing Crosby. No matter where or what i am doing for myself, I end up having more questions and right now i have a worry about a couple of people in my life.

Author: ksmiley

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