Ungrateful Bastards/Bitches!

What is wrong with people these days. Seriously! Where I live today…a close knit community with thin walls and floors, and tenants in certain groups we now call cliques have their people to hang around with, can be so ungrateful and so rude. The tenants who live here are so hung on themselves that anyone else who is so hung on themselves makes it easier. Cliques and groups are so horrible these days. That is why I do not associate with many tenants in the building anymore. I have my people, my friends, my group of people, to hang with but we do not gossip about other people. I have heard so much gossip and rumors, and have seen a lot of crap and shit going on since I have lived here in the past 12 years now that associating with many people today here has become impossible these days. Being on one side of the door, inside my apartment is the safest place. I even had been asked to join Bingo tonight but chose not to go over. It is the same group of people playing, winning, gossiping about other tenants who are not there or around to defend themselves. I even learned today, because of tenants being unthankful or being ungrateful, that Saturday morning coffee and donuts are going to be cancelled and we have three weeks left. The woman who is the one who goes gathers the monies to get coffee and donuts every week is retiring her position because she is worn out doing it. I do not blame her whatsoever really. The tenants who come and go to the Saturday morning coffee and donuts are the same tenants every week and they do not say thank you … ungrateful and childish on their parts and the gal who gets coffee and donuts and other products for the Saturday morning gathering. Even tenants have gone to the gal, on Saturdays that have been canceled because of illness and holidays, complaining and bitching about her not having coffee and donuts. It is just childish! It is best, in reality, to stay home and quiet away from people where trouble is not found. There are many tenants who live here who are nothing but drama and trouble and attention getters, and to be honest with you, that is one reason of a few others why I moved off the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor just recently — October! I am so much happier on the 1st floor and my happiness is back, and I am loving this place again. Even though there are 49 tenant apartments here, this building is so close knit, it is like living with everyone in one place with all the tenants coming from different walks of life. AAARRRRGGG!! Oh well!

I really do not like to talk ill about people but my eyes and ears are very impressionable these days and what I see and hear can be catastrophic … seriously! Most of my true friends live outside the building today — two true friends live in the building as well as the manager that makes people I can go to if need be.

Now i have said my peace and my mind is not foggy and feeling so heavy of burden now. Thank goodness!!!! I am sick and tired of rude people who are ungrateful.

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