Really Liking my Not-For-Profit & Government Accounting Class

I have been in my 3rd class away from being done with my educational endeavors completely. I found out that I will be done with college on July 5, 2010. I am excited and ready for school to be completely over with — for once, too. I love college and school, but it is time for me to hang up my coat on the education thing. I will have, as of July 5th my bachelors and masters degree. Then, I can, say I have gotten a degree and look for work in the field of accounting. Anyway, now with my Taxation class being done and over with, and a C+ under my belt = [passing the class with a reasonable grade because of the toughness of the class, I am really enjoying my Not-For-Profit & Government Accounting class very much. i am familiar with this type of accounting because I am a handicapped adult with a very mild condition called Cerebral Palsy, and have been involved with programs of the not-for-profit end since 1989. I am really liking this class very much and I have only begun … Tuesday was my first day of a 6 week course and today is only the 4 day of class. I have been already working on homework past 5 p.m. because the work is compelling and worth doing.

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