Ultimatums ???

Not welcome in my home so certain friends are no longer welcome in my home. True friends do not give friends ultimatums so things are going to change with a couple of friends of mine…no longer true friends of mine anymore. “Friends” is the what they have been knocked down to now until they can build their trust up to the true friend status again. No friend tells me one thing after so long and then tell me how they truly feel. True friends would sit down with their friends and tell them how they feel right then and there if something is not right. Now I am learning who are my true friends in this world and the world, as large as it is, is smaller than it proves to be.

I am a Christian woman who needs to walk away from negativity to this day on a daily/regular basis. It is sad to be friends with non-believers or people who say they know God and still do things that God would frown upon. I will continue to walk away from negativity in my world around me and associate with other fellow Christians.

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