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I was supposed to have an appointment this afternoon at 1 p.m. but I had gotten a call from the doctor’s office and it was cancelled. As the morning grew, from 8 a.m. in the morning to noon, I decided to get going further into my studies … studying my CPA exam for the day to get all 85 questions completed. I got that started and ready.

My LSW called me to let me know that my caseworker had said something about me needing quarters for laundry and she said that she was ten minutes away and that she would be glad to take me to get my laundry quarters. I got $20 worth of quarters for the next couple or so loads and then off to back home to studies. That is one thing about living in an apartment complex … you have to pay to do laundry at $1.25 for a wash and $1.25 for a dryer. It is getting expensive in laundry facilities so I am lucky to be in an apartment complex that has a laundry room.

I did have company over for the early afternoon and again in the evening before bed. Took me a little over an hour to do my CPA exam and I will have to do my best again in on Monday when the weekend is over and I have 4 other assignments for the week finished and ready to hand in.

Today was just an okay kind of day really. I needed to get quarters for doing laundry so I got out of the apartment and away from the building for about a half an hour, but I pretty much stayed indoors in my apartment away from the outside world. I got my rent, phone, cable, and electricity bills paid today. Paying bills online is relatively simple. My electric company has changed their automated service a bit so now the electric bill can be paid in a couple of easy steps now without asking for a customer service representative to help. Paying bills is getting easier to do now. I love online billing.

That was pretty much my day.

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