Since yesterday I have been thinking very seriously about a few things in my world that need to change in my life. Today, I had my LSW come at 8:30 a.m. and we cleaned my apartment as we always do every Tuesday unless I cancel. After she left, I decided to a couple of things relating to school and my class I am now in — the 3rd week of class now. Yes, I have been thinking seriously about making some changes in my world … I have decided to walk away from KM and LG for the time being and if they want me then they can come to me and talk to me but I am totally done going out of my way to call KM or LG now. Ever since Sunday … two days ago … I have been emotionally attacked by those two people because of something I did wrong and they talk among themselves about it making the problem I have been KM or LG not between me and KM or LG. They converse with one another and then someone else talks to me about it but not the respective party. This past Sunday … two days ago … I was told that I hurt LG’s feelings and I heard it from KM who I feel had no business getting involved but I have learned that LG and KM are tight. From now on as well, I am going to stop at the office to do business for the most part as long as LG is the office chatting with the management because if I run into LG and KM, it will be on neutral ground from now on.

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