12 Noon

Shower taken, dressed and ready for my day, here i am playing on Facebook, taking a walk and visiting neighbors who happen to be in the lobby around the corner of my home now…the 1st floor life has its perks, lol. i will be leaving for my afternoon counseling appointment within an 1 1/2 from now wanting to go and spill my guts out to my counselor — NOT! Really I want to stay home and take a nap or two and get caught up on sleep I have lost during the week of being sick with a bad cold and laryngitis. The energy I am experiencing right now is not my own as I move about in my own world, mind, spirit, and body, thank goodness for the energy that has been given or donated by God himself for me. I am not dreading it or anything, but after my 2 p.m. appointment, I do have to do laundry … yep, laundry … that dreaded chore. I do not like doing laundry.

Author: ksmiley

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