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After getting home from my afternoon, I took a break and having company over until 4:30ish, I got my laundry ready to go so I can do it. I got my laundry started a few minutes before 5 p.m. and finished by 6:30 p.m., then ordered dinner of pizza from Pizza Hut, and then doing my own thing. I am tired and about ready to go to bed for the night. I do have a lot to say tonight but I have no time to do that right now. Because it is getting late, I am not going to write about anything now and may not write about it in the future. There is one thing that I wish to write about before retiring so my mind can be at ease and be able to sleep all night long. I personally think that I will not be getting my second wind tonight, now, or whenever. It is going on 9:15 p.m. now and bedtime will be 10 p.m. tonight. So here is what I want to get off my chest and mind before retiring for the night.

My Nagging Thought – Right now I wonder about the people who live here in TM with me have come from another planet to live on earth to invade it and become what a person calls inhabitants and rulers of the earthlings…something like that. Why do I wonder? is a question that I have yet have to totally understand but what I do understand at the moment is TM has a hold on all the tenants in one way or another and tenants have trouble with tenants, and I have had my share of trouble with tenants who have lived here and are living here today. TM is one place with its darkness and problems … even two people I have learned to love and appreciate are planning on leaving here to go elsewhere because they are sick and tired of some of the tenants who have caused nothing but trouble and drama, and because of that there is no way that one of those two people would stay here if those tenants who have caused trouble were evicted or asked to leave. My heart is aching to the point … why do I even get close to people anymore these days when my heart alone gets broken into a gazillion pieces and can not be picked up and repaired with some of the pieces too small to put the heart back together entire … leaving the heart handicapped. Yes, my heart is feeling the brokenness of the world that is happening in TM. Even rumors and gossip play a major part here … this close knit place is. I am SICK and TIRED of tenants not being able to get along like one big happy family … my heart wanting peace and tranquility in this cruel world – a world I know is not always safe unless God is in our lives but not everyone believes in God like I do. I want peace and whatever comes along with peace these days.

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