12:17 a.m.

I am still up. I am ready to hit the hay pretty much now. Bing has had his time at the living room window tonight and he watched someone come in. Seriously I thought I heard a person meowing at Bing earlier tonight, lol. Oh well! You do not meow at Bing because he knows what our language is and meowing is Bing’s job because he is a cat and cat’s meow, lol. Oh well, if that person did meow, let them be the silly one, right?!

I am tired so I will be heading to bed shortly after I get done watching the Law & Order: CI episode that is on right now (a recording from the 27th of April I did not watch yet. It will be over in a few minutes now. If the weather is reasonable later today, I will be back … if not Saturday for sure if the weather is reasonable.

Good night!

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