My First Day of June – June 1, 2010

Today was a good day … a lazy one after 9:30 a.m. when my LSW LB left after we cleaned and did my laundry, and discussing what our plans are for next week. Next week we are going to be working on my bedroom and getting things off the floor. Anyway, laundry was done for the week and LB was going back and forth between clients today. Anyway…

Time was rather quick today. It did not take long to clear off my kitchen table and clean off my kitchen counter, and by the time LB had gotten here, everything I had to do throughout the week was done. It does feel good to have a cleaner home this Spring. Yay!

From the time LB finally left, I have been doing my own thing and being comfortable and relaxing. I have been watching recorded DVR programs all day long – a couple of movies, Judge Judy, and Law and Order episodes. It feels like the day and the life of Ksmiley, lol. I just have to remember, which happens often, that when I have a recorded program, I can fast forward through the commercials and watch the program commercial free, but when I get busy doing what I am doing on my computer or online, fast forwarding past the commercials does not always happen, lol. Oh well.

Today has been a semi-busy day … if there is such a day as that.

I was planning on writing my thoughts tonight on Dear Diary but have found that Dear Diary is moving and it could take a couple of days or just a few hours … depending on how things go. I felt bummed for a few seconds and wondered how I would get my thoughts written tonight and then realized that I could write my thoughts for Dear Diary using my Word program and post it when Dear Diary is back up and running after the move. Not bummed anymore. All is good.

I am not sure if I am going to be able to write in my journal tomorrow because we are expecting thunderstorms tomorrow. I feel bummed at times if and when I cannot get online because of a storm but I have always been cautious during Spring, Summer, and Fall foul weather. Thank goodness for laptops. … We shall see.

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