June 8, 2010 – 1

An Early Morning

Every Tuesday morning happens to be an early day for me so heading to bed is a must for me even though last night was a late night for me because I was so wound up from my day’s activities and getting some sun before this morning’s rain and wetness arriving. Tuesdays, most weeks, are my days for LB, my LSW, to come and help with my daily living skills and doing some light cleaning and picking up, sweeping and mopping, and we did laundry this morning. I believe I am heading to bed early tonight since today I am kind of tired and ornery … really not want LB here today but did not cancel since I was not sick with a fever. I am just not in the mood for a lot of company today … AGAIN!

Another Rainy Day!

Rain, rain go away and do not come back another day is the phrase on my mind this morning!!! We have had a lot of rain lately now that Spring is here and Summer is on its way soon enough.

Right Now – 3:05 p.m..

Right now I am taking a break from studies for a few minutes and watching television – a recorded television program titled “Snapped”. My toilet seat was fixed a moment ago because the toilet seat broke. I have been having troubles with the toilet ever since I have been living in this apartment Apt #110. With the toilet now fixed, my safety is now once again intact. I got a text message from CKR and she is going to be coming down shortly with her kitty Elmer for a while. Then I will get back to my studies for my Accounting Ethics class.


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