June 9, 2010

My One and Only Entry Today

Today was a fairly lazy day for me all day long. Had my shower and got dressed … staying in my pajamas all day long today, lol…clean of course since I took a shower this morning, lol. After my shower, I went to the manager’s office to sign paperwork indicating that my toilet was fixed yesterday afternoon. I have a cursed toilet! LOL My toilet has been a problematic toilet since I moved into #110 in October. I did not go to school today but will tomorrow morning before I leave for an IDS outing in the early afternoon. We are going to a place called Noodles and Company for lunch tomorrow – actually for an early supper in my case…at 2 p.m. Today was a very good day all day long even though I feel that there is one person who is acting like a jerk right now and being stupid acting getting into fights with people and being a idiotic liar. I am no longer friends with this certain gentleman any longer anyway. What this person does in his life now is all on him now. I am done trying to help this gentleman now. He has lost a good friend because of his stupid attitude!

Author: ksmiley

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