June 18, 2010

One More Day For JS’s Singleness

Tomorrow JS gets married! I am so excited for her! This is her final day of her singleness and then tomorrow around 3 p.m., she is going to be a married woman … someone’s wife … a Missus! I am so excited for her to the point that I am even a little nervous right now.

I Can’t Believe It Is Friday

It is Friday! YAY! I am looking forward to the weekend. We are going to have a whopper of a storm tonight. I wonder how much damage the winds are going to make for tonight’s storm, but will have to wait for tomorrow’s day to begin to get the results of the storm we are going to be having. I know we are going to have a big storm tonight because the weather is getting REAL DARK out there right now. Thank goodness for laptops, ☺. Writing in my dear diary journal spot is no big deal because I can always update everything on a later date there.

Excitement In The Air As Well As My Nerves Are Up!

Tomorrow my friend JS gets married and I am so very excited for her that I am just bubbling with joy and excitement myself. But for some reason…more so that I am a young woman soon to be 40 years old, my darn nerves are up in the air right now and they are just going crazy on me right now. I do not mind what gender God gave me and I do not intend to change my gender or my looks for no one or for myself, but there are days in a month I hate being a woman, LOL. It just so happens that today and this week is the time I hate being a woman. Seriously! I will not argue the gender God gave me and I was born to be, though. I have every right to complain and express my thoughts openly. This on MY blog spot, right?! Right, Kristi. Oh no…I am talking to myself again!…LOL

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