June 20, 2010

Now What?

JS is no longer going to be JS in my journal here at Dear Diary. She will be JSL. If that is I remember to write JSL, LOL.


I went to the Dollar General store today with my friend CKR before noon today. Spent some time with her and she played with Cuddles and Bing while I rested and took it easy. I have a fairly busy day tomorrow but school is not one of them. LB is coming over to do my living skills in the afternoon after my shower gal LJB leaves after getting here about 9:45 a.m. Not a whole lot has happened today except watching recorded programming on my DVR system through the cable company, got my schoolwork done and handed in today, and just laid around all day … sat in my recliner … with CKR visiting for a while.

While at the Dollar General Store…actually leaving the store, CKR and I saw my friends KW and her husband JW with KW’s sister KF, who were stopping at the store to get a Father’s Day card for their father before they headed on over to their parents’ place to have a Father’s Day cookout.

Today was not too bad of a day at all really. Hot and humid, though.. ARRGG! LOL…so what is new for the summer months I guess…

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