A Fun Day

Got showered and dressed for the day and spent the rest of the day with my friend Karla Hall. We went to dinner at Ponderosa as I was hungry for the salad bar this morning when I had awakened to get ready for my shower. After lunch we went to Wal-Mart to get a few things I needed and wanted for food and other items I needed. We got back a little after 3 p.m. when Alternative Home Care arrived for the hour. Karla stayed and napped until 7 p.m. before she left for the night letting me know she will see me Friday. I thought today was a good day all day long. It did rain a little but only for a few minutes while Karla and I left for Ponderosa for lunch and by the time we arrived to our first destination, the rain stopped for the most part, and by the time we were done eating and headed to Wal-Mart the rain stopped completely.

Now with my day pretty much over and I am alone once again, bedtime is just around the corner. I vow to sleep in in the morning if all possible but that I may not be able to do. I feel I have some extra energy … but bedtime is evident no matter what in a few anyway. I am tired … just had a good day today.

I am looking forward to tomorrow … Thursday. I have plans to get some business done.

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