August 5th


Took care of some business via the telephone this afternoon, watched television, read, and did some writing today. Even glanced at my finances for the day … all good in that department, lol. Even Bing Crosby the cat laid on my lap and napped for a while this afternoon while I read.

The Ravenscar Dynasty is the book I am reading right now. I am almost done withe book now since I am going to be reading the 52nd chapter of 60 chapters real soon here. The book, to me, is a good book and I do have troubles putting it down once I open the book to read its words where I last left off before returning to it.

Relaxation Time

It is soon 10 p.m. here in Wisconsin so I will be retiring to bed shortly here. I am in my relaxation mode watching more television … in my pajamas. Bing is laying on the back of the recliner right behind my head or should I say above my head,. lol. I have talked to a dear friend via text all day this afternoon and evening and we have said our good nights and so that is done. I have a heart here that is beating a little anxiously so I am doing my very best at relaxing before heading to bed for the night. It is going to be a little while I think but my heart has calmed down considerably in the past half hour, tho. It was trying to jump out of my skin earlier and that was scary.

I am going to say good night and God bless now.

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