IT DID HAPPEN … I Was Right!

Those red flags that popped up in my mind yesterday did prove themselves … and I believe my prayer was answered when I had received a text message from a dear friend of mine saying that so and so had called the police on my friend! I was hoping that my red flags were false alarms and two of my friends would have worked things out before it had come to this. but my red flags rang true to no end! That took the heart inside of me and squashed it to nothingness – a nothingness that has come to the end of some friendships. I am not going to turn back and be friends with a certain group of people ever again. Why bother with those group of friends when negativity played a major part of their lives when emotions would spill on a constant basis and one of those emotions would be jealousy and envy. I am not sorry to have walked away from certain people today. I WILL DEFEND friends who have been hurt and their emotions have been played with. I WILL NOT turn back the clock and play this day ever again or wish to rekindle any of the relationships I have walked away. It is done so for good this time. I WON’T change my mind this time. Certain friends are now non-existent as of this very moment, this day.

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