Still No Regrets! SERIOUSLY…

After what happened yesterday and what happened to my dear and closest friend, I still have no regrets of what I did yesterday. I HAD to get away from the negativity that has caused my anxiety and depression to flare up because I could not control the episodes. Two years ago, as a reminder, walking away from negativity was done so before … walking away from negativity again could be done again. I did it yesterday and I do not have any intentions of turning back and rekindling those friends. With no regrets in the wings, I do have to admit one important fact about no regrets now – a large burden has been lifted off my shoulders and mind to the point that I was immediately exhausted from the largest emotion of my life — fear. I am sorry my dear and closest friend was deeply hurt by certain people in our lives and never will I leave her behind as I will always go back and find her to protect her from hurt today and tomorrow. I will always make sure we are al;ways together and that we are following each other.

Author: ksmiley

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