Tuesday Is Living Skills Day

My Living Skills Worker (LSW) could not make it as planned yesterday to help me go get my new Wisconsin ID so she is coming today to help me with my Living Skills – cleaning. Yep, today is my cleaning day! YAY! It happens EVERY Tuesday unless plans are worked in differently for another day. We plan on getting my Wisconsin ID next Monday. Anyway, today we cleaned the bathroom, did the dishes, swept and mopped the bathroom/kitchen floors,l and arranged my medicine box on the kitchen counter to make it look nicer. After we got done cleaning, LB left for the day and the rest of the day was mine and I enjoyed the rest of the day working on my writing, reading, and watching television, and cuddle with Bing Crosby the cat who knew I needed him. He also needed me. He hates it when I am on the computer so much so I take the time to give him attention in the morning before getting online for the day. I have, seriously, been enjoying my time with Bing every morning for a very long time. He is a lap cat, lol.

My day was a good day!

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