Talked To My Caseworker

WIth all that took light this weekend and as calm as I was about what occurred over the weekend, I did talk to my caseworker, MM about what happened. She did tell me that I took control of the situation and did what I thought was right from what she had been told. We talked about what happened over the weekend at length and even after the talk, I still felt calm and in control of my emotions and world around me. I am still, today, not ashamed of the fact that I had to take control of my life and the people who are in it. Yes, I suspect and strongly assume that I have made a few people mad but those people’s emotions are not my concern today or tomorrow. They will realize that I have control of my life and have control of my world and despise it greatly. No one will never walk all over me and control me. I do not like liars, cheaters, and the telephone game anymore … as the telephone game not a fun game as an adult — people end up getting hurt and my dear and closest friend did get hurt badly. I also believe that those people who hurt my friend badly enough even committed one of the worst problems ever by lying to the police which is obstructing an officer and they should have been charged for the crime.

With that said …

Certain people no longer exist in my life. There is no turning back. I wish not to relive this.

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