My Weekend Plans

Since yesterday going out with KH was cancelled, we planned to get together today. We went to the bank, to the farmers Market, WAL-MART, then out to eat at KFC, and then came home for a couple of hours before she left. KH took the time to flip the mattress over on the futon before putting on a bottom sheet and then flipped the mattress on my bed in the bedroom and put on clean sheets. It was a very busy day today away from my apartment for the day with KH and away from Teamster Manor (TM). I am in a lot pain that seems to be worse than Thursday or yesterday, but I decided to take my legs for a workout anyway … my pain threshold being very low and practically zero anyway, lol … and was grateful for even trying. I walked a lot even though the pain was so great, and I usually lay low at home and let the pain work itself out when it gets real bad. I had an awesome day.

I am going to church tomorrow whether or not the pain is very great and practically unbearable. The question has arisen in my thoughts “why not go to church tomorrow when I went out and about all day today when the pain was great?” I am so very excited about going to church tomorrow.

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