The Burger Bash

Every year, Bethel Baptist Church of Janesville, Wisconsin has a burger bash. Church members of all ages enjoy fellowship, food, and chats with church members who may not have been seen in a while due to health issues, they have moved, or just to go and have fun. Kids have time to play on the playground equipment, throw a ball or two, and enjoy playtime. Food consists of hamburgers, brats, and hotdogs, salads of all sorts, sweet treats, and juice or water. The burger bash is a time to reconnect with other church members we have not seen in a long time as well as chow down on the food that is free and provided for us as a thank you every year from the church. Church members enjoy helping out at outings like the burger bash. I, at my age of 40 now, enjoy myself at the burger bash every time I go. This year was the same … I did have a good time but it was just too humid to really eat a lot today. The only thing I did not enjoy about the day was when a church member complained about a few things when the driver of church van annoyed this person so this church member was not a happy camper because of it. AARRGG! The church van is to pick members up, does not matter who is driving from week to week, and take members back home, and there is no need to cater to whims and the van does not have to wait for members who tarry or lag behind. That is what upset the church member … childish if you ask me.

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