My Monday

Understanding Garfield, lol

I did not want to get up early this morning in order to get myself going. That is how my morning went. I can understand Garfield when it comes to Mondays even though I am impartial to Mondays, but today I feel a little like hating Monday today.

Relaxing Today

Looking “somewhat” forward to tomorrow. Getting my “new” Wisconsin ID is something I am looking forward to, but…cleaning is something I do not want to do. Anyway … today is a very relaxing day for me. Watching TV and being on the computer … online and writing in my journal. Nothing really going on that is special.

Rain Coming Our Way…Again

Looks like rain, weather forecast, we are expect rain and thunderstorms coming our way once again. This is one thing I do not like about summer but I do enjoy God bringing on the nature. We do need rain here.

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