August 31st

I can not believe that today is the last day of August. Children will be starting school soon, and so the public transportation companies are going to be busy and filled during certain times of the day Monday – Friday. Anyway, summer will be coming into Fall in no time flat. Today was my cleaning/daily living skills day but before cleaning even began, I went to the DMV to get my new Wisconsin ID. My photo is one that might scare all the rats away, LOL 🙂 LB and I cleaned and laundry so my weekly laundry is done. Even though Tuesdays are my scheduled cleaning/daily living skills day, I did not want to any cleaning at all today. I just wanted to sit around all morning! So after LB left…I was able to defend for myself the rest of the day. I did find myself having a fight inside my head this morning!!! Cleaning today consisted of doing the dishes, cleaning off the kitchen table, and picking up some stuff on my computer desk, and emptying the wastebaskets in my living room, bathroom, and kitchen. I did a little bit of whining today, too…with LB here, but that was so because I did not want to do anything that was a chore at all…a typical want to procrastinate.
My Afternoon At Home

More later… Good bye for now

After LB left by 10:30 a.m. after cleaning my bathroom, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, and doing my laundry,. I was so glad to have the rest of the day to myself. I called my friend CKR to see what she was doing this afternoon and found that she was not going to be home so I am taking the rest of the afternoon for myself and Bing … Bing has been keeping to himself today sleeping in the bedroom on the bed. So today, this afternoon, is pretty much, for me and me alone. Will not have any company today tonight after all. I just feel real lazy and wanting to be not bothered by anyone.

Over the weekend the garbage disposal stopped working properly and the manager, who is not a maintenance man or woman, came to look and see why it was not working properly … come to find out that it was a can top that fell into the garbage disposal and stopped the garbage disposal from working properly!! How embarrassing and dumb!! Anyway, the garbage disposal now works properly again. The manager would have come over yesterday to check things out but other things had to be done and she could not make it. Anyway, now the garbage disposal works again.

The “things” that make my life such a mystery sometimes baffles me!! Such a life I live…never boring even though being bored sometimes happens. Oh well…

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