Some People Just Irritate Me!

On Sunday I had learned of a neighbor who has lost her grandson in death to an ATV accident. I told another neighbor and my friend JSL, and today I had learned that many tenants of the building found out through another tenant that same day. This person MP is very annoying and one neighbor I wish to not have association with whatsoever but every now and then, I run into this male neighbor around with his lovely dog. He goes past my apartment door everyday several times a day with his dog. With this tenant, you can not tell someone anything unless you want it to go around the building by the time day turns into evening. This neighbor just knows how to irritate me … he being one of the neighbors why I do not sit in the community room unless it is someone I want to talk to. Even a former tenant moved back into the building so another tenant now has a “game” buddy again for boring afternoons. I am just not sure about this male tenant, though. I am still a little unhappy for MP getting into my business in July when I was not feeling well. I guess that is what sticks to high heaven living on the side of the building that will help neighbors know what is going on in the building.

Yes… I am venting AGAIN! Living in a close knit community like TM does have its problems! The walls and floors are so thin!

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