One More Day … I Can’t Wait!

I can not wait … tomorrow JT is gone out of here for good. She is moving out and leaving this place. She is going to be taking her slutty ways elsewhere … I knowing where she is going to now live which happens to be a place I do not care to ever enter again now that I no longer have friends who live there. I have no intentions of ever setting foot in the apartment complex JT is moving to — not alone anyway. I just cannot wait until I no longer see JT’s vehicle in the back parking lot anymore. Her vehicle will not be missed. I am jumping for joy in knowing that JT is no longer in my life and no longer living here in the same building when two years ago when she moved in, it was wonderful at one time but not so anymore. My friendship/relationship with JT is now completely over and no intention of rekindling it. I decided to walk away from all negativity.

Author: ksmiley

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