One More Thing…

It is going on 9 p.m. here in Wisconsin now … bedtime is a ways away tonight because of caffeine … oops. I am aiming to get my journaling done tonight before retiring to bed … if I do before 12 midnight tonight. I feel so wide awake right now, no thanks to two cans of Cherry Pepsi. Have done some reading today … book I am reading is definitely one I can not put down. I like John Kellerman but will not highly recommend the book I am reading to everyone as this book is one book that needs to have some adult discretion — unfortunately — as I am not fond of the sex and romance in the book I am reading now. Bing is doing his catnapping on my power chair tonight … silly cat. I am busy listening to Ghost Hunters which is a show that I will not watch weekly or daily but tonight’s episodes have some interest in me. I do believe in hauntings but have not experience a haunting myself as of yet. I know I am repeating myself a lot today… lol… but that is okay I have called my friend CKR to see if she would like to come down for a few and she will be here shortly … a break in my journaling for the day … until tomorrow or Friday. The weather is kind of iffy tonight anyway. I will be shutting things down for the night when I go to bed anyway.

Good night and God bless … Law & Order is on now … a change from watching two hours of Ghost Hunters now … whew …

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